Things I’ve Learned

These are the things I’ve learned in the past week.

1. I have a love/hate relationship with ponytails.  I hate that their ease makes it easy for me to be lazy.  I love that when it’s hot and I don’t want to dry my hair or when I really am just too busy to do anything else with it, I can pull my hair back and move on with my day.

2. My husband isn’t as strong as God.  Yes, I knew this before this morning, but the following was so humorous to me, that it had to be included on this list.  On the way to school this morning, Lucas informed Matt that he’s not as strong as God.  Uncle Josh and Uncle Joey, are almost as strong as God (hmmm …), because when Uncle Joey showed Lucas his muscle, it made a bubble.  When Lucas showed Bethany his muscle it made a line.  Therefore, Luke also is not as strong as God.

3. God knows when I really need a break.  I would never rejoice that it is so hot outside that the church office is too hot to work in, but Matt came home shortly after he left this morning, and decided to work in our back room because of the heat.  I haven’t seen him any more than normal, but he needed the computer and that keeps me from doing unnecessary researching, couponing, procrastinating on facebook, playing games, and forces me to take a break.  It has been nice.  Just knowing that the love of your life is in the house with you, even if you can’t really spend time with him is comforting too.

4.  I now have 24 pounds to lose (19 to get back to my pre-Nicholas-pregnancy weight).  For whatever reason, that feels more doable than the 50 I had to lose after Nicholas was born or even the 25 it was last week.  The end is in sight.  The baby is only 4 1/2 months old so I still need to allow myself four-eight months to lose the weight, but I am happy with my progress.

5. When I was a teacher, I would sometimes take a mental health day because I felt I needed a break.  You can’t do that as a stay-at-home mom, but one probably needs it as much if not more than when one works outside of the home.  I think that’s because as a mother, I am emotionally invested in the outcome of each day.  I am grateful that I am sick today.  Thankful because I feel okay about being showered, but not made up … dressed, but in comfy clothes … blessed with an excuse for maintaining, not accomplishing.  To top off my day of rest like the icing on a cake, my friend (and former child care provider) Jessica came and took Bethany for a “date.”  I have a quiet house in which to let my stomach settle and my head stop spinning; Quiet for now that is.

In a couple of minutes, Lucas will come home from school and Bethany will finish her date and my arms will be quite literally full … in the best way.

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