Unmerited Favor

This has been quite the day.  First of all, my kids and my husband graciously allowed me to sleep in until 8!  I had decided last night that since I’ve been using coupons, I wanted to get to the store early to do 2 weeks worth of grocery shopping.  If I beat the rush, I don’t feel as bad about the time it takes for me to check out with my cart full of food and my hand full of coupons.  Feeling ambitious and wanting to give Matt a bit of a break (and a real opportunity to put some laundry away), I took the two youngest kids along with me.
Sparing you the whole narrative of an extra trip to and from Vons before I ever started shopping, let’s just say that I finished about two hours after I began (believe me that’s quick when you have a 4 month old harnessed to the front of you and a 3 year old, clad in a leotard dancing around you all while trying to make the best purchases) and had an entire trunk load of groceries when I left. 

Can I just say that I love coupons?  I love the money they save me and the possibilities they provide.  I wouldn’t call myself cheap, but I am practical and so we often go without convenience food such as yogurt cups and cereal because they are so very expensive.  I love that since I started shopping with coupons, I spend less than I did before, but also have some foods that I don’t have to prepare from scratch.  If a kid wants a snack they can grab a piece of fruit or a cup of yogurt.  I love that I got four boxes of cereal for $2.31 as opposed to the $16 it costs before coupons.  I love that I got $28 worth of yogurt for $6 the other day. 

Anyhow, today wasn’t my biggest of savings, but I am way under budget and I have healthy and convenient food and meals planned for my sweet family for the next two weeks.  More about that later … when I came home I was shocked that all of the laundry was put away, another load started, dirty dishes in the sink (alas we do not have a dishwasher, unless I change my name), floors swept and vacuumed.  There was my sweet husband loving me in a very real way.  This would mean a great deal if Matt’s love language was acts of service, but it’s not and it means all the more because of this.  I love to clean (I just wish it stayed clean once I do it); Matt does not.  My husband did the very things he he hates to do on his day off, because he loves me more than I ever give him credit for.

I feel loved.  I am sitting in an almost clean home, feeding the baby and writing, while my husband plays with the kids in the front yard.  I feel loved not because of his accomplishment, but because of the sacrifice.  Today I am thankful that I have received unmerited favor in the gift of Matt.

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