Budget Challenge Update and this week’s meals

So ending the first week of the budget challenge I spent a total of $90.50 (I deducted the diapers and wipes, since they are not included in the contest guidelines).  One thing I noticed that I love about the competitive nature of the challenge is that, our refrigerator isn’t stuffed with leftovers that need to be eaten or will soon be wasted.  Because of all the sickness in our home, there were two nights this week when I just couldn’t cook.  It was more important to be what my kids needed me to be, rather than feed them what I had planned.  So, one night we ate leftovers, and the other we went out which was a nice break for me, especially since date night had to be canceled due to illness and last night I threw together an “I’m tired and you’re sick meal.  This is quick and easy and will have to do.”

I have already done my grocery shopping for this coming week and although my savings aren’t as great as I would have hoped, I stocked up on several things that were great prices, which will in turn result in lower grocery bills over the coming months.  For the coming week I spent $85 at Vons (for $170 worth of groceries) and then returned to Vons to stock up on toilet paper and laundry detergent, spending $28 (and saving $11).  My total for this week is $113.  I will need to pick up some bread and lettuce today, bringing my total up to $117.50 (unless there’s a sale) That means for the next two weeks, I have $167 left to spend.  I think that’s doable.  The hardest part about this business is that I don’t have the “stockpiles” of other couponers, and I love food, and healthy food at that (with of course the occasional splurge on goodies).  Good, healthy food is not cheap.

You’ll notice a couple of repeat meals from last week.  Those would be the meals that we never got around to.  And now for our meal plan:

Sunday: Red Beans and rice with turkey sausage and sweet cornbread
** If all goes well (meaning kids aren’t too sick to let me cook, we’ll have some potato skins, Texas Trash and cookies during the game)
Monday: Lemon Skillet Chicken and warm green bean, tomato and feta salad
Tuesday: Salmon baked with garlic, lemon and white wine served with broccoli
Wednesday:Chuck wagon chili with sour cream and cheese (and fritos … for the kids!)
Thursday: leftovers for the kids … hoping date night will be back on!
Friday: Jerk Chicken legs, roasted cauliflower and baked sweet potato fries
Saturday: Spicy Asian shrimp served over rice with peas

p.s I will attempt to post some pictures of Matt’s birthday meal.  The tomato gratin was divine and super easy and the Bavarian Apple Torte has always been one of my favorite desserts.

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