Recasting, Ruminating and Retail Rewards

After each baby I spend a weekend recasting to find my equilibrium appetite and eventually over several months, my most comfortable weight.  Well, with a season of sickness in the Price home this has been put off longer than normal. So this week as my back continues to heal, I decided to re-read French Women Don’t Get Fat, which outlines the “magical” weekend and the French lifestyle that I aspire to.  This is my third time reading the book, but since I loaned it out a couple years ago it has been missing.  I purchased the Kindle edition, and let me tell you that was not a waste.  It is awesome to be able to click on a reference to a recipe and not have to thumb through an index and leaf through pages to find it.  Way to go Amazon!

Anyhow, whether it is due to illness (hopefully we’re at the end of it, with Matt now on antibiotics and Nicholas finishing up his second round of them), or our indecisiveness about whether or not our family is complete with five members, or my awesome girls’ night out this week, or all my friends who have not only brought dinner but sweets as I and my family recooperate — whatever the case, I’ve put off the recasting long enough.  However, since I still provide Nicholas’ main source of nutrition, I can’t go all out and do the magical leek soup.  Instead, I will be trying the mimosa soup and Matt and I will restart P90X on Monday (note: such strenuous workout is not French, but Matt needs relationship with workout and I feel so good when I exert myself daily).

This has been a week of questions for our family, some humorous, some weighty.  Why on earth did Lucas pretend he couldn’t read his high frequency words? Well, his friends “bees” were still on “flower one”, and he wanted his bee to be there too, instead of on flower 4’s petal.  I am told I will laugh about this someday, but even now it is frustrating for this former teacher.  How do we live well, save, provide and thrive in pricey Los Angeles?  Do we need to reevaluate where our “treasure” is?  Perhaps owning a home is not the end all … And then the question that I keep asking, why (especially when living in L.A) do I most often desire another child?  I don’t know.  This year and especially the past couple months have been difficult, but the longing, never abating, is at the back of my consciousness.  Silly and serious questions abound, but one thing I do know, I LOVE where God has placed us.  I am grateful for the ministry opportunities, friendships, home, and church. 

One last thing … I have made it to the end of the budget challenge. Dum de de dum … This week I spent $12.96 at Target and $32 at Ralphs (saving over $60 on that trip).  This brings my grocery total to $321.43 for the entire month … $53.57 under my goal and $138.57 under our normal grocery, cleaning and toiletry budget.  So for those who doubt the value of couponing, come over and see my little dance of joy and be convinced of its merits.  Woot, woot!

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2 thoughts on “Recasting, Ruminating and Retail Rewards

  1. You are awesome, Linds. I love this blog. I love French Women (I want to do it too… as soon as we move out), I love your desire to be healthy and exercise (I need to take some of your example… I don't seem motivated since my doctor told me I could fully start an exercise program), and I love your sweet monetary skills.

    And I vote for a Price baby #4… but I'm partial to 6 member families 🙂 Totally not my business, and I'm sure you'll come to whatever decision is wise for your family.

    Love you.

  2. Awesome, Lindsey. You are so diligent and I have a lot to learn from your triftyness and healthy daily dinners. We are eating over here, but I am always in awe of the Prices. Hope you have a great weekend!!

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