About Lindsey

A crazy, normal, southern-at-heart girl trying to live an unhurried life in Los Angeles.

I am a writer, explorer of history and literature, lover of simplicity, avid reader and recovering perfectionist. The gift of staying home with my four children and creating a safe place for them and my husband of thirteen years, has been an unexpected adventure. I get it hopelessly wrong far more often than I get it right, and yet I am accepted just the way I am by a God who is constantly loving me into the best version of myself.

It is my desire that this blog would be a sacred hideaway; a community of grace … That when life gets messy, as it always does, my words and experiences would remind you that we’re all works in process. May we all learn to love recklessly, live simply, surrender all, and be completely soul satisfied.

“In any and all circumstances I have learned the secret of being content.” Philippians 4:12 HCSB

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One thought on “About Lindsey

  1. Hey Lindsey Michelle……

    That is an incredible bit of journalism right there! I’m so proud of you! Your ability to translate your thoughts to paper is astounding. I pray that these ‘blogs’ you’re processing will eventually turn into a hard cover book to help other young mothers who struggle with the same life-issues that you’ve encountered. Your faith amazes me! I love you dearly sweet ‘Ninzy’…….


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